Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

Kevin went up to SLO this week for work and came home with some fun mementos!  Got our little mustang ready to go.  Starting him young for sure!

Also, getting so much movement lately!  I was a little worried early in the week because the kicks were pretty subtle.  But the next day they were STRONG!  Baby is 8.5 inches and roughly 1.5 lb right now.  Crazy to imagine them getting much stronger.  Also starting to notice the weight of the belly!  Currently up about 14 lbs.  It's getting harder to sit up and bend over for sure.  Still able to workout at the gym, which is keeping me sane!

I was trying to clean up my old laptop today and came across our wedding photos and some bachelorette pictures!  First thing I noticed..... I can't believe I USED to think I needed to lose weight :) I looked pretty dang good at the time haha.  Just hoping I can get it all back :P

Pardon the crappy photo... it was late afternoon and there wasn't much light left!
How far along?  24 Weeks
Baby Size:  Cantaloupe
Total weight gain/loss:  14 lbs (same as last week :) )
Maternity clothes? Obvi.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep:  Yep yep, all night.
Best moment this week: LOTS of kicking up in there.
Miss Anything? All good.
Movement:  Continuous!
Food cravings:  Again, Cheetos.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  In the clear.
Belly Button: On it's way out. Looking forward to: Our first baby care class.  We'll see how we do! haha.