Pregnancy Update: 12 Weeks

January 14th, 2016

WEEEEE!  Finally allowed to make it more public.  We first found out about the little one on November 21st, 2015.  I was home alone working on a Saturday and Kevin was out golfing with some friends.  I was about to run some errands but needed to pee before I left.  I figured "eh, might as well take a test just to make sure I'm not crazy."  I was a week late but my body had been like that for a while so I wasn't expecting anything unusual.  Buttttt sure enough!  There it was.  The "OH SHIT" moment.  A rush of happiness, heat wave, can't believe this is happening kind of moment.  I was in the middle of editing a wedding and suddenly, I lost ALL focus.  I didn't want to drive anywhere because my hands were still shaky so I ended up staying home.  I found myself googling "pregnancy food no-no's" to figure out what the heck I could have for lunch.  Egg salad for the win!  Eggs have been amazing for me so far since they're good hot or cold and I don't have to worry much about them making me sick as long as they're well cooked.  Finally around 11pm, Kevin made it home.  I put a sign up in the current guest room but soon to be baby's room that said "Baby Hadley's Room."  I waited for Kevin to come upstiars and said "Oh yah I picked up that painting I ordered from the post office (the errand I never actually ran).  He said "oh yah?  How does it look?"  I say "oh it's nice. Go look."  And there it was :) You can see both of our reactions in our announcement video.

Since it was the week of Thanksgiving, we didn't really have the patience to see all of our family and not say anything.  I was only about 5 weeks but it was just too good of a secret not to spill.  We pretended to take pictures with everyone and then came the big reveal!  It was crazy.  So glad we caught it on camera.

Now that we're at 12 weeks, we started revealing it to more and more friends and coworkers.  We told our Glamis friends/family this weekend and it was awesome!  I got a donut box from a bakery and filled it with mini donuts (so they would last a little longer while camping).  As each new family arrived, I greeted them and said, "Hey!  You guys want some donuts??"  Of course everyone said "oh no no I couldn't!"  Before they had a chance to shoot me down I popped the box open and gave them a peek inside.  They immediately say "OH!  Ok yes I'll have one!"

Pregnancy announcement donut box

I've definitely noticed my cravings begin to shift this week!  Instead of popcorn and chips, it's been more fruit and veggies.  Thank goodness!  I also think I'm SLOWLY getting a bit more energy back, but each day is a little different.  I also started going back to my boot camp!  My doctor kind of scared me out of "doing too much" during the first trimester.  I know they're cautious and it really is the safest way to go, but I'm so glad I can start working out again.  I modify a few exercises and mostly limit how much jumping I do and anything related to my core/stomach area.

12 weeks and peeking out! 12a

Here's a little summary I'll be filling out each week to check the status of things!

How far along?  12 Weeks
Baby Size:  A plum
Total weight gain/loss:  About even!
Maternity clothes?  Not quite yet, but buying a few items to prepare.
Stretch marks?  In the clear!  But starting to use Zoeoil and Honest Company's Belly Balm that my friend recommended.
Sleep:  All. Night. Long.  Only fighting the urge to get up to pee in the wee hours of the morning (pun intended).
Best moment this week:  Finally telling our big secret!
Miss Anything?  Turkey sandwiches :(
Movement:  Nope
Food cravings:  Popcorn, cheetos, oranges, mangoes
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Been good!
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.  Pretty slim in the morning, but by lunch, it's poking out.
Gender prediction:  No idea.  At first we thought girl for sure!  Then realized it was 50/50 haha.
Looking forward to:  Next appointment!  Seeing he/she grow!