Vendors We Love

I often get asked by my couple's what vendors I recommend!  There are some great ones around so here's a list!  FYI none of these people have paid me to be on this list...they are genuinely great vendors!  I also put an asterisk (*) next to the vendors I used for my own wedding!  I will keep this updated as I find new and fabulous people to work with in the wedding industry: Coordinators After the Engagement Engaged Events

Venue The Crossings at Carlsbad* The Villa San Juan Capistrano Marbella Country Club L'Auberge Del Mar Grand Tradition Estate

Photographer Cary Pennington Photography* Limelife Photography Adrian Jon Photography Janet Wheeland Photography

Florist My Splendid Sentiments* Designs by Tricia Three Petals Floral & Event Design

DJ Positive Energy Productions* San Diego DJ & Video Sandeep Kumar

Hair and Makeup Lindsey Jones Makeup Artistry (my childhood friend!) Dolled Up by Lulu Oscar Makeup Ting 2 Beauty

Bridal Stores Mary Me Bridal* (Orange, CA) 2000 Dreams Bridal Shop (San Diego, CA)

How He Asked

Last week something AWESOME happened!  One of the proposals I filmed was featured on HowHeAsked.com!  I have followed this site for quite a while and love reading about the adorable proposal stories.  I swear they always leave you crying.... Well last week I submitted Kenny and Michelle's proposal story (seen here) and they featured it!  Take a look at the link, which includes full details of how it all happened from Michelle's point of view...

You can also see their video again here!

"Who Has the Groom?" A Bridal Shower Game

For my friend Dianna's bridal shower, we wanted to come up with a funny way to incorporate the groom and groomsmen!  This is where I got the original idea from (http://www.linenlaceandlove.com/2012/04/bridal-shower-ideas-part-1.html) but then decided a little step further :) I started by finding a generic photo of a guy in a tux (I think this one was for Men's Warehouse).  A quick google search and you'll have plenty to pick from.  Then I found LOTS of celebrities photos.  Whoever I could think of.  I copied and pasted them into a word document and tried to make them all roughly the same size.  The original post used photos from magazines but I didn't feel like getting a bunch of magazines.  Plus I wanted to make a LOT :) Just start trimming and glue the celebrities faces to the body of the "tux model."

Lisa Hadley Studios

It felt like I had my own little "bachelorette" show going on once they were all put together!  Haha. Lisa Hadley Studios

You of course need the groom in there :)  I created the heart in word with a text box that said "I LOVE DIANNA!"  A perfect touch.

Last but not least I also included the groomsmen on a few of the tuxes!  Just stalk their Facebook photos for a little while and I'm sure you'll find something.  We also snuck these into the groomsmen gift boxes on the wedding day :)  They were quite confused by them.  hah.

Lisa Hadley Studios bridal shower game

When it was time for the shower, I put each "man" in an envelope and passed them out.  Whoever happened to get the groom won a prize!  It was a simple game that didn't require a ton of "forced interaction."  Some games get old after a while :)

Michelle + Kenny | The Proposal


Back in September, one of my best friend's Dianna told me her brother, Kenny, wanted to propose to his girlfriend Michelle!  Dianna was getting married in September, so it would be perfect for Kenny to pop the question 2 days after Dianna's wedding, when everyone would be in town.  Fortunately with all the wedding festivities, I was able to sneak around and do a little interview with Kenny.  Having Dianna's wedding filmed, I was also able to get some great footage of Kenny and Michelle dancing the night away. Kenny and Michelle used to live in San Diego and one of their favorite hiking spots was  the cliffs at Torrey Pines.  When it came time for him to propose, he knew that would be the perfect place. Watch their story unfold, as well as a few tears!.... all from Kenny though :)  Love these two!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/79545812 w=600&h=381]

A few photos from their mini engagement photo session right after the proposal. Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach ProposalKenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal Kenny + Michelle, San Diego Beach Proposal

Retro Summer Bridal Shower

I'm loving the showers and bachelorette parties happening with everyone's weddings.  My friends Adam and Dianna are getting married in September so we are in the final stretch!  The other bridesmaids and I had so much fun getting ready for this shower...complete with a few DIY projects!  Dianna decided she wanted a Retro Summer Shower.  We did our best and I think everything turned out pretty well.  Here are a few pictures! :)Untitled_0065.jpg Untitled_0066.jpg Untitled_0067.jpg Untitled_0068.jpg Untitled_0069.jpg Untitled_0070.jpg

Untitled_0072.jpg Untitled_0073.jpg Untitled_0074.jpg Untitled_0075.jpg Untitled_0079.jpg Untitled_0076.jpg

Untitled_0077.jpg Untitled_0078.jpg Untitled_0080.jpg Untitled_0082.jpg Untitled_0083.jpg

Since Dianna is known as Princess Di to a lot of us, we wanted to make sure she was dressed appropriately for the occasion!  Complete with crown, sash and goblet! Untitled_0084.jpg Untitled_0085.jpg Untitled_0086.jpg

Toilet paper bikini bride contest :) Untitled_0088.jpg

Their first Christmas ornament! Untitled_0089.jpg Untitled_0090.jpg Untitled_0091.jpg Untitled_0092.jpg

Playing the Newlywed Game!  See how we did it here! Untitled_0093.jpg Untitled_0094.jpg Untitled_0095.jpg

Untitled_0098.jpg Untitled_0099.jpg

My favorite gift... the Undie Box!  Along with a few other surprises.... Untitled_0100.jpg Untitled_0101.jpg Untitled_0102.jpg Untitled_0103.jpg

Who Has the Groom Game Untitled_0104.jpg

The bride and her girls! Untitled_0105.jpg Untitled_0106.jpg Untitled_0107.jpg Untitled_0108.jpg

We gave the groom a chance to open the undie box too :) Untitled_0109.jpg

Their first matching outfit!!! Untitled_0110.jpg