Celebrating 2 Years!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today I am thankful for a lot of things, but one of those is the ability to run my own business.  It has officially been two years since I filmed my first wedding... and got paid!  It was a rainy November day just after Thanksgiving 2012.  Jen and Jeff found me through their wedding coordinator, Cheryl, who I have known since I was little!  They took a huge chance on me, having only done one other wedding film for friends.  The day went well, and at the time, I remember thinking "holy $#!@!#!  I can actually do this."  All I had was a Canon T2i and a tripod.  No audio recorders, no lighting.  Looking back I can't even imagine doing this now.  Sorry Jenn and Jeff :( This first wedding was a huge step for me and helped me realize that I can make this business as good (or bad) as I want it to be.

Here's beautiful Jenn getting ready for her big day!Levyland Estate Wedding Videography

Levyland Estate Wedding Videography

As with any small business, the first few months were all about "investing in the business."  A big thanks to my amazing husband, since he probably thought I was crazy back then (and still does today).  I had a degree in Civil Engineering from a top California school..... yet here I was jumping into something completely different.  I loved the creative and social sides of this kind of business.  Meeting with couples and discussing the best day of their lives.  What could be better?!  Although it was slightly terrifying at the time..... and still is!

Photography and videography are pretty much the only things you get to take with you to relive your day after the wedding.  The morning after your wedding, your memory already begins to fade.  You remember parts of what was said, but not everything in its entirety.  From my perspective, this is awesome!  BUT with great power comes great responsibility (thank you Uncle Ben).  After my first couple of weddings, I realized I needed to take everything far more seriously since people are relying on me to provide them memories for the rest of their lives.  I improved my gear, took classes wherever I could, and started asking questions.  A couple private Facebook groups have been essential to getting my questions answered as well as networking with other professionals in the industry.

These past two years have flown by!  There have been moments of fear, nerves, excitement, exhaustion, confusion and pure joy.  Pretty much every emotion possible when running your own business.  I still can't quite believe how far I've come and I can't wait to see what another year brings!

Thank you to all the wonderful people I've had a chance to work with these past two years.  Everyone from my clients (and their families), vendors, and my own amazing team….you guys rock.  Here's to another great year ahead!