New Client Gifts!

This year I decided to do a little something special for my amazing brides!  I hate that I book couples usually 6 months to maybe a full year in advance and I don't get to have much interaction with them!  To say a big thank you, I sent these little fun gifts to my brides!Bridal Hanger Honestly it's a bit self-serving since I hate filming a stunning dress with an ugly plastic hanger....sooooo shhhh don't tell :) So far I have LOVED the reaction I've received from my brides.  Nothing like a simple gift to put a smile on someone's face!  Okay cheesy plug over :)

I ordered these from the awesome Brianna with Whiskey & Wedding Bells on Etsy!  She did a fantastic job at the customization of each hanger and got them sent out insanely fast.  Thank you Brianna!

Can't wait for the big weddings coming up this year!