New Website is LIVE!!!

Let's rewind......   I was sitting at Starbucks studying for a big engineering exam in September, 2012..... after "casually" eavesdropping for on a group of women for a minute, I quickly realized they were talking about one of the girls' weddings.  I could instantly tell that one was the photographer and the other was the bride!  I was so distracted (studying was useless) and I waited another hour until they were done with their conversation.  As soon as they got up, I turned around and said "umm do you need a videographer??"  I hadn't officially started my business yet since I was going to wait until my test was over in October.  But moments like these don't just happen!  I found myself so angry that I didn't have a website up yet so I handed the bride a slip of paper with my phone number and personal email.  That same night I went home and created an email, Facebook page and website.  I had to move quick! Fast forward to today!  After using my previous site for about a year and a half, I started following along with SiteHouse Designs!  Their website designs are so clean and modern I was just itching to redo my site into something more my style.  They soon started to announce some giveaways with different photographers.  As luck would have it, Katelyn James Photography did a giveaway and I won!  I couldn't believe it.  Thanks to Katelyn and SiteHouse, I am so excited to debut my new site!  Head over to to take a peek!  Hope you like it!

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