Retro Summer Bridal Shower

I'm loving the showers and bachelorette parties happening with everyone's weddings.  My friends Adam and Dianna are getting married in September so we are in the final stretch!  The other bridesmaids and I had so much fun getting ready for this shower...complete with a few DIY projects!  Dianna decided she wanted a Retro Summer Shower.  We did our best and I think everything turned out pretty well.  Here are a few pictures! :)Untitled_0065.jpg Untitled_0066.jpg Untitled_0067.jpg Untitled_0068.jpg Untitled_0069.jpg Untitled_0070.jpg

Untitled_0072.jpg Untitled_0073.jpg Untitled_0074.jpg Untitled_0075.jpg Untitled_0079.jpg Untitled_0076.jpg

Untitled_0077.jpg Untitled_0078.jpg Untitled_0080.jpg Untitled_0082.jpg Untitled_0083.jpg

Since Dianna is known as Princess Di to a lot of us, we wanted to make sure she was dressed appropriately for the occasion!  Complete with crown, sash and goblet! Untitled_0084.jpg Untitled_0085.jpg Untitled_0086.jpg

Toilet paper bikini bride contest :) Untitled_0088.jpg

Their first Christmas ornament! Untitled_0089.jpg Untitled_0090.jpg Untitled_0091.jpg Untitled_0092.jpg

Playing the Newlywed Game!  See how we did it here! Untitled_0093.jpg Untitled_0094.jpg Untitled_0095.jpg

Untitled_0098.jpg Untitled_0099.jpg

My favorite gift... the Undie Box!  Along with a few other surprises.... Untitled_0100.jpg Untitled_0101.jpg Untitled_0102.jpg Untitled_0103.jpg

Who Has the Groom Game Untitled_0104.jpg

The bride and her girls! Untitled_0105.jpg Untitled_0106.jpg Untitled_0107.jpg Untitled_0108.jpg

We gave the groom a chance to open the undie box too :) Untitled_0109.jpg

Their first matching outfit!!! Untitled_0110.jpg