DIY First Dance Photo Frame

This was a little something extra  I decided to make for one of my couples, just because!  Erika and Justin's first dance was so sweet :)  it brought tears to everyone's eyes!  Their first dance song was "Forever" by Ben Harper.  Such a great or not. This project is SO simple.... ya'll should try it.  I started by opening up the photo in Photoshop elements.  Although I'm using Photoshop, you can probably get creative with Microsoft Word or Publisher and achieve the same end product.  You may not have as much flexibility but it will still work in the end.

I then added a fill layer in gray and reduced the opacity to about 50%.  This makes it easier for you to read your text in the end.

I found the lyrics to "Forever" just by searching around.  Takes no time at all.  I copied and pasted the text into a text element in Photoshop, added a few commas and periods so it read more like you would read standard text, instead of like lyrics.  I formatted it so it bled over the ends of the photo.  I also played with a few fonts and text weights.  I found the light version of Kozuka Gothic Pro to be the most legible over my photo and gray fill layer.

First Dance Frame

First Dance Frame

Last but not least, I wanted to add the date to the photo.  This couple's colors were gray, red and yellow so red was a perfect fit.  Even if those weren't their colors, a red heart always works <3  I printed their date on an 8.5x11 paper several times.... here's where the trial and error comes in.  I had a heart punch but in order to make sure my date was centered, I had to do a few punches and find the best one.  Thus, why I printed the date so many times.  I kept punching until I got one I was happy with, then just glued it to the image!  Make sure you put your picture in the frame first and see what area gets cut off before you glue your heart to the photo.  If you had a shadow box or frame with a gap between the photo and the glass, you could use a pop-up glue dot and make it 3D!


I love the end product and I think it's time for me to make one for myself!