Guest List 101

Aunt Sarah, Cousin Joe, that friend you haven't talked to in 4 years.  Creating a guest list for your wedding can sometimes feel like more of a daunting task than planning the rest of your big day.  When other people's feelings get involved it's often hard to stick to your guns and do what's right for you and your fiance.

When planning our wedding, I got some VERY helpful advice from my friend Paula..... (shoutout to my girl!).  The best way to sort through your friends and family is to put them into 3 separate categories:

A) The "I Will Be So Upset If They Don't Make It" group: Parents, grandparents, BFF's, those people you couldn't imagine your day without.

B) The "I Would Like Them To Come If They Can" crowd: Family members you're not very close to, coworkers, old college/high school friends you've been in some contact with.

C) The "I Won't Really Notice If They Aren't There" group: Distant relatives, old friends you feel obligated to invite, others you're pressured to include.

From here, start cutting!  It may be your budget or venue restrictions that require you to lower your numbers but this will help you remember who you want to keep on the list and make it easier to prioritize. The other benefit to reducing your numbers is that you'll see other quantities decrease.... like favors, invitations, programs and even centerpieces if you can cut down enough.

Another good thing to keep in mind, in most cases an average of 20% of your guest list will decline your invitation.  You'll probably feel a little guilty when you grin after receiving their "no" response but you know it'll make your budget smile too.

All in all, just remember it's a day to celebrate with friends and loved ones on YOUR big day.  Don't let others take control of what is ultimately your decision. :)IMG_3228