Megan + Justin | January 19th, 2013


Last weekend, Kevin and I had the joy of traveling up to Fresno for a close family friend's wedding.  Justin's mom and my mother-in-law have been friends since they were sorority sisters at Fresno State.  To say they go way back is an understatement!  Kevin and Justin were practically raised like cousins and their families have remained great friends over the years. Megan and Justin met over 4 years ago while hanging out at the Clovis Rodeo.  According to Justin, Megan and her friends were following Justin and his friends around the rodeo giggling and laughing.  That night was just the beginning for these two and I'm so happy to say I was there for their newest beginning.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gunlund!

[vimeo w=625&h=382]