Re-purposing Engagement Photo Props


While preparing for our engagement photos, I wanted to come up with something not too cheesy for our photos.  I found this great idea for a twine-wrapped monogram letter and I loved it!  It's kind of a statement for who we are now as a couple and that I would be taking his last name.  On Etsy, monogram letters like this sell from $35-$50!  Crazy right?!  Well thankfully I found this blog, which explains exactly how to make it.  It's a little tedious but I think it turned out great.  Here's the link for the Etsy monogram door-hanger you can buy Etsy Monogram Door- Hanger OR here's a great tutorial on how to make it yourself!  DIY Monogram Letter..... and here's how my DIY project turned out!

I chose blue and purple for the rosettes since those were our wedding colors.  Here's a tutorial on how to make the rosettes!   If you want another idea for engagement photo props, check out our DIY Save the Date numbers!

Other ideas for photo props could be wooden letters, chalkboards, balloons... literally anything you want that helps express you as a couple, or is just plain cute :)  Don't forget to use what's around you because it will help you blend in with the environment!

Well the "H" worked out great for our engagement photos, but then I wasn't sure what to do with it..... well the next best spot was on our bookshelf!  Likely due to lack of ideas and time, or just plain laziness :)  However, as the wedding approached, I was working on getting decor for our reception spot.  It was the perfect addition to our card and gift table!

Last but not least, I found a permanent home for my little DIY project.  Using the original purpose in the DIY tutorial, I added some ribbon to the back, and made it a perfect door-hanger for the front door to our new home.  It works great year-around when you don't have a specific holiday wreath or something to put on the door.  We love it!